ZERO TO THREE's P-5 Cross-Sector Core Competencies Training

For too long the early childhood service delivery system has operated in discipline- and sector-specific siloes. This arrangement allows for specialization but functions as if the needs of expectant parents, young children, and their families are separable and one-dimensional. Research, clinical experience, and families themselves tell us otherwise. To be most effective, the early childhood system needs to be coordinated, collaborative, and comprehensive. This emerging model is best able to match the complex, interrelated needs and goals that the prenatal to age 5 (P-5) population brings to the doors of its service providers.

ZERO TO THREE's P-5 Cross-Sector Core Competencies Training is designed to help move the field toward a cross-sector approach to service delivery. The Training:

  • builds shared knowledge, skills, and attitudes across the service sectors working with the P-5 population;
  • shifts participants' focus from discipline- and sector-specific to cross-sector and collaborative;
  • strengthens shared common core competencies needed to effectively serve the P-5 population; and
  • provides clear examples and practical strategies for advocacy and leadership to improve the early childhood service system

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P-5 Training Overview

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